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 This is not your

average laser tag!


This is adrenaline packed, heart pounding

Laser Combat!


Can you keep your head when others are loosing theirs?


Do you have what it takes to drive

your team to the


Do you enjoy first person shooter games like...

Call of Duty

Counter - Strike

Medal of Honor


...but want to experience the thrill of being in the action?


Then you need to check us out!!!

Meet our  equipment

At Laser Combat League we use the latest state of the art Laser guns, accessories and software. So our guests have the most exciting experience possible.   

AK-12LT "Predator" 

The Assault Rifle is the main battle weapon of the game and is the perfect choice for the "Soldier" class Player.

M4 Gastat Combat Shotgun

The M4 Gastat combat shotgun is the weapon of choice with our "Engineer" class player.

MP 514 Sniper

With its long range and telescopic site, the MP-514 is the weapon of choice for the "Sniper" class player. 


The MP9LT-Phoenix is just the right size for the "Recon" class player.

Combat Weapons

Special Equipment

Explosive Device


Domination Points

Specialty Box

spawn device

Special Equipment
Game Scenarios

Game  Scenarios


OBJECTIVE:   2 teams compete to take control of a Domination Point. Once the point is                                           taken you must defend the position and not allow the other team to gain control

TIME:                 15 minute rounds & unlimited regeneration

WIN:                  At the end of  the round the Domination Point will signal the team’s color that                                     dominated the position the longest.

Tug of War

OBJECTIVE:    2 teams compete to take control of Domination Points.  Game starts with 3                                        Domination Points in a row.  Goal is to capture each point and move your health                                (regeneration) point closer, pushing the opposing team off the map


TIME:                  15 minute rounds & unlimited regeneration


WIN:                    Capture all 3 Domination Points or most captured in the time frame wins

Free for All / Gladiator

OBJECTIVE :     2 teams - friendly fire activated


TIME:                   No time limit & no regeneration


WIN:                    Last player standing wins

These are just a couple of the game scenarios we are currently playing. Here are a few more titles we also enjoy.

Gauntlet:   VIP Extraction / Protection:   Team Death Match:   Spies Among Us:

 Search and Destroy:   Capture the Flag:   Alien / Zombie:   Bomb Wars: Hunger Games:

Survive  The Horde: 

About Us

Laser Combat League is the brain child of Phillip Decker and A.J. Guber. We wanted to create the most realistic Combat experience one can get without the pain and mess of paintball. But with perks and customization that you can get with on-line gaming.    

About Us
Free Laser Tag Event
Free Laser Tag Event
Jun 11, 2017, 4:00 PM
Coming soon
Free Laser Tag Event June 11th 4:00pm
Can you make it?
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